Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BN vs Bersih And The Biggest Joke In Town - Malaysia Chronicle

Do you know what the biggest joke in town is? It is Khairy getting a death threat. Guess, who sent it? Now everyone is getting a death threat. If you join the rally there is also a threat of arrest. Police has announced that there are many ways to thwart the rally. Already, they have arrested a number of PSM supporters at the toll booth, who were expected to be in Penang for the road-show.
Fancy, the handsome Khairy, who is the darling of UMNO Youth getting a death threat. A ladies-man no doubt, who will expect the Wanita to swoon at his smile, and even men get a kick when he speaks about getting a death threat. But it is true, and he has lodged a police report.
Just days ago he has renewed his vow to carry on with the march, even though it was not endorsed by the Home Ministry, which got Hishammuddin foaming at the mouth. But this time, he has hinted albeit ever so slightly that UMNO Youth will infiltrate the Bersih march as supporters instead. What are his true intentions, no one knows. What a budak (youth) this one is, and can he be trusted?
But Bersih 2.0 welcomes everyone, whether friend or foe. The magic of Bersih 2.0 will transform everyone in the true spirit of cleanliness, fairness and democracy. Any one attending the march will be blessed in their effort to transform Malaysia into a democracy.
The Government is dead set against the March for one reason only. Many of them will crash in the election. Many will even lose their deposits. The election will be the door to their timely exit. The Government still thinks that the people owe them a living. They are willing to plot and scheme, hoodwink the people, even spending millions to buy votes so that they can survive the election and continue to lord over us. They are not going to surrender to the will of the people. That is why they are so against Bersih 2.0.
BN implosion at hand
Why give all the excuses that a one-day rally will threaten national security? Why say that it will affect Tourism? Why say that traders and taxi drivers are going to lose millions in revenue? Why say that it will affect Malay unity? First and foremost, the Malays are not united is because UMNO refuses to accept the true path of Islam. Instead of looking out for the Malays it continues to condemn PAS, which is undeniably an Islamist Party. It also condemns Malay DAP members as window dressers for the DAP. It condemns PKR as a dirty party. And yet they talk about Malay and Muslim unity.
Why can’t the Government just come out and tell the truth that BN is going to implode if Free and Fair Elections are held? Why employ gangsters like Perkasa to rile the nation and promote racial conflicts? Why call on BN sympathizers to condemn the Rally? The excuses are so lame that it makes the people feel that our government is being helmed by a group of morons.
Why condemn Ambiga as an Islamic threat? Why picture Anwar as a sex maniac? Najib Razak’s latest comment that the Nation should decide for themselves whether it was Anwar in the Sex Video is so lame!! How can Malaysians continue to accept Najib as our National Leader? It is so unprofessional of him, to meddle in such trivial matters. Frankly, he is a big disappointment to Malaysians who looked up to him and his expensive so-called 1Malaysia campaign.
Since his inception as Prime Minister, nothing has gone right in this country. The Executive Branches of the Government have grown bolder in their effort to contain the people. They have given up their independence to be subservient to a ‘banana government’.
As the country’s economy slides further down into a ‘critical mess’, the clowns in the government are still trying to hoodwink the public with cheap magic tricks. Dipping their hands into the last remaining financial bodies and institutions like Khazanah, EPF, Tabung Haji, Felda, the wealth of the country is slowly diminishing. One day it will be all gone, before they finally hand over the reins of power to the people.
There is always a morning after
As July 9th approaches, there will be many more controversies, as the government forces a last ditch effort to break the will of the people. There will be more deadly threats, arrests and the threatened use of the ISA to detain Bersih leaders. Ops Lalang 2 will hover menacingly over the nation. There may even be Emergency Rule declared to contain and control the movement of the people.
If there, then perhaps, it is what Malaysia needs. Najib and BN will be signing the own political death warrants. Pakatan need not do much after that. Just imagine the economic impact. Already investors are terrified, who would want to build a factory or contribute to Najib and Rosmah’s funding for their overseas trips then?
One thing is for certain. The Bersih 2.0 Democracy March is perceived as a grave threat to Barisan Nasional. Or more specifically, the UMNO elite. They are not about to stand by and let it happen. They think the march will open up a Pandora’s Box that will swallow up BN and themselves. All their future dreams will be turned into a bad nightmare. They simply cannot accept the fact that they cannot lord over us anymore. Their serfdom is disappearing and they will once again be ordinary men, just like us.
So, now that you know, please make a stand. Malaysians, don’t lose courage at this stage. Soldier on, the outcome won’t be as bad as you fear although the new dawn may not come immediately. But maybe a short and fairly tranquil BN twilight before the new sun dawns bright and cheerful

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